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Perfect snack

Berry ‘Nana Oatmeal Parfait from Hungry Girl (cook a bunch of oatmeal and have this a couple days in a row)-could very up the berries and other fruit.
Click here for full directions!
Anonymous: oh my god. You people need to shut the fuck up. Youse should all be ashamed of yourselves. Some people don't want to be vegans, that is ok. Just like some people want to be celibate or something like that. Youse are the reason that people hate us so much. You are literally the fucking al-Qaeda of the vegan movement. Just shut the fuck up. I don't even want to be associated with you people. IT'S A FUCKING CHOICE, IT'S NOT MANDATORY. JESUS, GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF.





It’s not a choice. You’re killing things because you like the taste.

But wow, al-Qaeda of the vegan movement…that’s a new one.

Apparently choosing not to have sex is morally the same as choosing to kill and exploit others for your own personal gain

Carnist anon, you need to shut the fuck up and get a life.

Y’all need to stop it. Being a vegan isn’t mandatory, as previously stated. Also, Homo sapiens are omnivores which, for those of you who are uneducated, means that we eat both meat and vegetation. Unfortunately for cows, chickens, pigs, ect. we are more intelligent and were therefore able to breed them for food. However, it’s not like they had much else to really be doing. In fact, they would be eaten anyway, most likely. We would just have had to hunt them first. This way they are fed, able (for the most part, excluding chickens and some cows) able to run around and enjoy life until they are ready to be eaten. Now, shut up before I start responding to everything you post that remotely comes off as you trying to convert everyone to a vegan lifestyle with reasons you are biblically wrong. The point being that if you won’t let me convert you to Christianity, then why should I let you convince me to be vegan?

Wow this is barely even worth responding to but FYI, humans are opportunistic omnivores which, for those of you who are uneducated, means humans have THE ABILITY to eat a variety of different things, which is an evolutionary advantage in case food is scarce. But seeing as you live in a developed country with access to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s pretty unnecessary to eat animal products, wouldn’t you say? Legally, being vegan is not mandatory. Yet. But to achieve basic decency? I’d say it’s pretty mandatory not to cause unnecessary suffering and exploitation. Fuck off with this speciesist bullshit. Your life isn’t worth more than a cow’s, pig’s, or chicken’s. You’re a speck of dust in an endless universe…what the hell gives you the right to determine who gets to live and die? Especially for something so trivial and unimportant as taste? Seriously give me one logical moral argument for why you should have the right to kill someone without need.